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Removal of Negative Energies
First and foremost we need to understand that an issue, ill-health, shortcoming can occur not in the physical level but also at mental, emotional and spiritual levels. But unfortunately we are all trained to look only at the physical body to address any issue. But the reality is looking at energy systems is equally or more important most of the times. When we look at our energy systems we are actually looking at the deepest and most profound details including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and intellectual. Negative energy residing in a person’s energy body often affects not just the individual’s mental health but is often the root cause behind many of the physical ailments. If a person is suffering from any mental disturbance or physical ailment where either medical reports fail to substantiate the existence of such an issue or where long-term medications do not fetch any noticeable improvement in the health condition. Involvement of negative energies in the energy field must definitely be considered. Detection of presence of negative energies or impurities in the electromagnetic field of person can be accomplished in different ways depending on the healing modality adopted by healer or therapist. AraIdentification of such energies can either be done using the sufferers mind itself or through other means as mastered by the therapist.
Removal of negative energy involves not just detection but also clearing those distortions. But also studying the relative intensity of their influence on the subject’s mind, body and soul, integrating new energies lacking in the energy field and finally conditioning the behavioural patterns of the subject in tuned with new energies.
Any energy that makes one feel positive energetic, joyous, happy, uplifts the mood or is life giving or enforcing can be called as positive energy and anything that can be negative, harmful, saddening pulls you down creates fatigue, depression or weakens you can be termed as negative energy to put it in lay man’s sentence. These energies can either strengthen or harm the energetic system and parallel improve or deteriorate the physical, mental, emotional, social well-being of a person. Healing physical and mental illness by removal or negative energy perhaps has been most heated debate in today’s world, though there is evident proof of number of people recovering from their chronic and mysterious issues by embracing such therapies and has successfully got over the torture of being subjected t medications for a long time. Drugless therapies are definitely for such people who believe energy systems and existence beyond physical reality. If one believes that blessings of elders praying, love etc can bring in positivity then why should one shy away to believe that curses, evil energies and stress etc can feed negativity.
Our aim here is definitely not to convince anybody to believe in negative energies rather than to help those who are intuitive or sensitive enough to embrace the reality of experiences of those energies and help them use this knowledge as therapeutic tools to resolve their issues.

   Over a month ago